Polywaste UK – Car Bumper Recycling

At Polywaste UK, we specialise in offering waste control services, such as car bumper recycling, including collection and storage to many businesses across all sectors and industries around the country.

With our 25 years of experience, we excel at providing a comprehensive and professional service tailored to your specific needs. We can supply you with a variety of sizes and types of waste collection/storage solutions and advise you how to best manage your waste, taking into consideration waste produced and space available and ensuring that your waste management remains under control, whether you are producing waste in small or large amounts. We specialise in car bumper recycling.

Our current recycling rate stands at 97% and we are working towards achieving 100% in the near future.

Car Bumper Recycling within the Automotive Industry

Additionally, we at Polywaste UK have a significant amount of expertise within the automotive industry. We can assist you with your plastic waste control, with items such as car bumper recycling and other plastic components, by providing you with our comprehensive body-shop waste and removal service. We’ll supply you with a fully tailored storage facility that is able to hold up to 100 car bumpers safely and efficiently, and arrange a frequent collection service to help reduce your waste disposal costs.

Our Services

Some of the services we offer include:
• On-site storage, supplying storage skips to stack-able and collapsible cages.
• Scheduled monthly or weekly collection of waste from your location.
• Deliveries of plastic waste directly to our factory.
• Advice on how to efficiently manage waste

Benefits of Using Us

By using the services Polywaste UK provide, your business will see immediate benefits, such as:
• Reduced overall waste disposal costs.
• Lower cost of landfill and environmental taxes.
• Easily manageable waste with an on-site facility.
• Increased social and environmental responsibility.

Waste Management

Having the ability to provide multiple sizes of waste storage solutions allows us to aid in keeping the customers waste under control in a way that is closely tailored to the size of their business, whether on small scale, up to large quantity and high volume materials

Car Bumper Recycling

Providing a full body shop waste plastic storage and removal service, we will be glad to assist your body shop on your plastic waste management. Reducing your overall outgoings associated with waste and providing you with a frequent collection service, or, a phone to collect service- usually associated with slow waste build ups/ urgent collections for existing customers

Environmentally Friendly

We can provide your business with a plan to recycle your plastic waste, covering storage and collection specifically suited to your needs. Utilising key aspects to your business, including space available, amount of waste produced and the facilities that will work best for yourself